How To Get Your Community Into Painting Rocks!

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The more people in your area that know about rock painting, the better!

Having an established rock painting community that is local to you is important if you want more rocks to find, but it all has to start somewhere.

If your not sure if there is a group close to you, take a look online for the name of your city/state along with the words “painted rocks” or just “rocks” and you may find one!

If there isn’t one, then it’s actually not too hard to start a community of your own. You can be the pioneer of rock painting in your town just by sharing the idea with people who you think would be interested! You can even direct them here to to get started if you’d like, and let them find out if they’re into it.

If you don’t have a local rock painting page yet, the best thing to do is create a Facebook group with your area’s name, and start posting pictures of your rocks there! This way, if someone like you searches for a local community, they’ll find your page and join it! You will quickly grow as more people become aware of this hobby, and all of the excitement spread will be because you decided to make it happen!

If you’re not sure about creating a Facebook group for your area, don’t worry, someone eventually will.

Until then you can join our Facebook group below so that you’re ready to go when you find a rock!

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If you want more rocks to find in your area, start telling others about this hobby!

This is a wonderful activity for teachers and youth group organizers of all kinds. Art class would be that much more fun if you could bring home your paintings and hide them somewhere for others to find.

Rock painting events can be held at a local park if your community is looking for group activities involving plenty of participation.

Places like libraries, day cares and church groups may want to get involved.

This can be your go-to activity with kids/friends/family when you’re not sure what to do! Plus it gets everyone outside together and active!

This can be done anywhere! Some of the most fun that I’ve had has been hosting rock painting parties at my house with friends. Creative juices definitely tend to flow when you’re having fun together.

Just spread the word and these things catch on like wildfire!

Eventually you’ll have a community of rock painters all creating little pieces of artwork and spreading happiness among each other.

Take my community of Northeast Ohio Rocks for example. We have tens of thousands of members all sharing in this hobby together. Each member part of a smaller group of their friends, family, and those they’ve shared this great activity with. Just remember, this all started with one person who wanted to brighten the day by hiding a painted rock for someone to find, and look how many people it has now touched!

Be the change that you wish to see. Help get your community into painting rocks and in doing so you’re proving that we can come together in positive light! Spread the word! All it takes is a small act of kindness each and every day to make the world a better place, and that’s something everyone will want to join in on!

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