Labels & Hashtags (Info)

Here is an example of a hashtag being written on a finished labeled rock:

What’s a hashtag you ask?

Well, a hashtag is just the pound symbol # followed by a few words with no spaces in between.

The unique hashtag you create becomes a link that connects to all pictures of your rock online!

To create a hashtag, all you have to do is make something up and write it on your rock!

You don’t have to register it online or do any extra work, just simply write it on your rock and you’re good to go!

For example: #PaintedRocks or #LifeIsGood or #IMSOHAPPY it can be anything you want!

I suggest that you make the hashtag unique to you however, so that no one else uses it.

An example would be to use your last name, a few numbers, and maybe include the word “rocks” like a lot of people are doing.

Example: #JonesFamilyRocks

If you write the same personal hashtag on all of your rocks, then you will be able to track them every time someone new finds your rock.

If someone has found your rock and they post a picture of it on Facebook, it will show up when you search for it!

Just search on Facebook for the hashtag you created to see if anyone has found your rock yet!

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