Rock Sealer (Info)

The last thing you’ll need to do before hiding your rock is seal everything with one final layer, and clear gloss will do just the thing for you.

This is the one item that will allow your painted artwork to endure its travels as it is found and re-hid by other members of the rock painting community.

Not only is it water proof, but it is weather proof, and it will brighten the color of your rock dramatically.

Before Gloss

After Gloss

Using gloss means that the hard work you put into painting your rock will last much longer, bringing joy to that many more people when they find it.

Plus it’ll look good when they post it on Facebook!

Here are some really good clear glosses that I have been using over the past year, guaranteed to keep your rock as beautiful as the first day you painted it.

Click here for clear gloss rock sealer!

To seal your rock, lay it face down on newspaper and spray a layer of clear gloss on the back.

Hold the can about 12 inches away from the rock so that it doesn’t get too wet or drip.

Let everything dry completely for at least an hour to avoid it being sticky, then flip it over and repeat on the front.

If your rock feels too sticky after the first hour, let it sit longer.

If you rush this process you’ll end up with the newspaper stuck to your rock permanently, so make sure you’re giving it enough time to dry!

It’s best to leave your rocks outside for a few hours after spraying them, so if you have multiple rocks I would seal them all at once so they can dry together.

In just a few hours your rocks will be ready to hide!

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