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Rock Painting Introduction!

You may have already heard of this viral activity and the communities of 500,000+ people all painting, hiding and finding rocks across the world, or this may be your first rock painting encounter.

If you’re looking for the basic instructions on how to participate, you’re in the right place! … CONTINUE READING

Quick Guide to Painting Rocks

A straight to the point rock painting guide for those who already have an idea of the rock painting process.

If you’re looking for a fast and easy guide to follow, you’re in the right place. … CONTINUE READING

(See below for the full detailed step by step guide)

What To Do If You Find a Rock!

You found a rock! Awesome! Now what? Follow the steps below and post a picture of it on Facebook!

Step 1. Check for the name of the community on the rock.

It may say something like “Go Online to PaintedRockLife.com”, or “Find us on Facebook at Northeast Ohio Rocks”.  … CONTINUE READING

How To Get Your Kids Into Painting Rocks!

Painting rocks is such a great hobby to share with your kids, and getting them into it will most likely be easier than you think!

If they know nothing about this activity, a great way to introduce it would be by telling them about the “finding” part of the game first. … CONTINUE READING

How To Get Your Community Into Painting Rocks!

The more people in your area that know about rock painting, the better!

Having an established rock painting community that is local to you is important if you want more rocks to find, but it all has to start somewhere.

If your not sure if there is a group close to you, take a look online for the name of your city/state along with the words “painted rocks” or just “rocks” and you may find one! … CONTINUE READING

Tips on Hosting a Rock Painting Party!

It seems like these days the only time we see our family is during holidays or special occasions, and we for some reason don’t just get together for fun anymore.

Well, throwing a rock painting party is not only the perfect way to get your friends and family involved in the hobby, but also a great way to spend more time together doing something that we all enjoy!

Here are some fantastic tips on how to throw your own rock painting party! … CONTINUE READING

Rock Painting Community Locator

Use the map below to locate rock painting groups in your area!

Select your region from the left hand side panel, or the bottom menu if you’re on mobile, then look for an established group in your city!

Click on the red pin closest to you for the link to join their Facebook page. … CONTINUE READING

Monthly Giveaway!

Hello, rockers!

How would you like a chance to win over $100 in rock painting supplies, plus an extra $100 bonus to use however you’d like?

If you’re interested, then our monthly giveaways are just the thing for you!

This will be the easiest contest you’ll ever enter, I promise. Check out the rules below! … CONTINUE READING